Our Methodology

How We Ranked The Best SEO Services Around

The best SEO services don’t just get you a couple of clicks and a bundle of blogs. They’re getting you proven, tested results from converting traffic, lead generation, and increased sales. Our methodology is based on verified metrics that can change the game for your company.

It’s hard to sort out what the real deal is sometimes. If you search for the “best rated SEO companies,” you’re going to see a whole lot of sponsorships and ads and not enough objective judgment. The truth is, if a company is shelling out a ton of time and money to get to the highest rankings for those searches, they’re probably not spending enough time working with their own clients!

Weeding out which companies are using black hat practices and fake reviews is one thing, but when it comes down to what makes up the best SEO services out of the remaining competitors, we know what really counts. Check out our primary metrics below.

best rated seo companies google analytics charts


You know people are getting the best SEO services when you see loads of rave, verified reviews across Google, BigCommerce, Upcity, and social media. Conversely, tons of bad reviews can obviously indicate a problem.

Their Own Rankings

To become one of the best rated SEO companies, you have to beat other companies at their own game. That means they need to rank for terms like “top SEO companies.” That way you can see Google’s recognized them right off the bat.

Client Rankings

We check out top SEO companies’ clients and see if they’re ranking for top terms related to their business. Seeing a long-term client with thin content, low rankings, and a website with lacking usability is a sign of poor SEO performance.

Case Studies

The best rated SEO companies should be able to present a variety of detailed case studies. Check these out on their site or request them in your consultation. If none are available, that’s a warning sign that customers are being left unsatisfied.


Top SEO companies should receive recognition from unbiased, accredited sources. Awards from established authorities on the best SEO services such as Moz and SEMRush is a good indicator of a legitimate, reliable company.

Work Per Production Team Member

Some companies boast large teams, but their force primarily consists of salespeople. That means their focus is less on producing quality content and more about getting as many clients as


Cheaper isn’t necessarily better when it comes to SEO, but you want to make sure you’re getting the best ROI possible. We also factor in companies that charge a hefty ticket and deliver the same results as less expensive companies.

*Rankings established by SEO veteran and thought leader Jordan Brannon, president of Coalition Technologies.