Top Podcasts on Content Marketing

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When it comes to learning how to sell your products or advertise a business, content marketing podcasts are great for somebody at any level. Regardless if you are a professional with years working in content marketing, or are a recent college graduate trying to start a promising career in a profitable field, there is always something to learn from a podcast. 

Podcasts are a great example of passive learning, allowing you to learn in your free time. Passive learning is what happens when you have free time, which is exactly why podcasts are great ways to pack in juicy info without being bored or overwhelmed, an issue that people deal with when in lectures. When it comes to content marketing podcasts, the lessons work around your schedule, not the other way around. This gives you the freedom to learn and listen when you want to, maximizing your interest in the subject and the content.    

The hosts and producers of these podcasts are top-of-the-line professionals. Most of them have spent many years working in the content marketing field and now want to help and make sure you don’t make the same mistakes they did. Content marketing is all about having the tools to know where to go, these podcasts will make sure you have everything you need.  

Social Media Lab Powered by Agorapulse 

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Social Media Lab takes a unique approach to content marketing podcasts by using science as a way to conceptualize marketing. Don’t worry, you’re not going to need a graphing calculator or your notes from high school physics for this one. Instead, Social Media Lab does all the dirty work and gives you valuable information. Take their podcast episode, “335 Answers To Over 20 Instagram Marketing Questions.” In preparation for this episode of the podcast, they surveyed both digital marketing agencies and social media managers. The objective? To see how they use Instagram. The result you get as the listener is exactly what you should get out of content marketing podcasts: quality content that gives you the tools to help you and your content. The results for this single episode focusing on how the average user utilizes Instagram, and how advantageous your Instagram marketing is for pushing your business. But this is only in a single episode! 

Their content gives great in-depth looks at many different aspects of social media and content marketing. It’s the perfect time to learn more: statistics show that social commerce (the conversion of social media and e-commerce) is going to grow exponentially. There was a 30% increase from 2019 to 2020 with 80 million social buyers in the U.S. alone. The information they give is not only inspiring but is derived from these real-life statistics, from successful marketing. It’s the type of facts you need to know if you want to build successful content online. 


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Akimbo is podcasting done right. A content marketing podcast hosted by American entrepreneur Seth Godin, this is the podcast you go to when you are feeling lost, and need a little bit of redirection in your life. Seth Godin has 30 years of experience and has written 20 best-selling books on effective marketing and leadership. His experience writing and laying out his thoughts, in easy to consume content, is on display here. There are plenty of other experienced content marketing podcasts out there, but Seth Godin, along with being an experienced marketer, is also an excellent teacher. He goes above and beyond to explain the “why” behind his wisdom, which helps make him stand out among the rest.        

His podcasts usually focus on understanding the deeper nuances in marketing. It’s a bit of storytelling, and this is where the “why” in his lessons stick out. Storytelling as a narrative is an excellent way to help the listener learn and retain information for longer. Not only does it help you to digest the message behind the story, but it helps to keep you engaged with the podcast. Content marketing podcasts are at their best when they can hook you in, regardless of the subject. 

Everyone Hates Marketers 

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Don’t let the title fool you, there are plenty of marketers here! Everyone Hates Marketers is an interview-based show where you get the top marketers and founders in the industry to come on the show and talk about what it means to be an impactful marketer. Along with the show, they send out a weekly newsletter (they even offer on their website a sample). Take this newsletter as an extension of their podcast. It features little digestible bits of wisdom from marketers, examples of strong marketing techniques, access to a rewards problem, and more! A bundle of content marketing podcast goodness, if you will. All of which is converted into an audio version as well, allowing you to listen to the newsletter as though it was a podcast.      

As the website’s tongue-in-cheek title might hint, the language is no-filler content, which ties into their entertaining voice. A big aspect of their show and podcast is “How to Stand Out”, an age-old question in any business. Their success in standing out is that they give you the simple, blunt truth. It’s hard to admit, but you find out a lot of the time that the audience usually wants it straight to them, no filter. Coincidentally, the honest truth can be pretty funny at times. This is where their distinct voice in content marketing podcasts comes in and grabs your attention as the listener.

Under the Influence 

screenshot under the influence

In similar fashion to Akimbo, Under the Influence uses storytelling as a great way to teach Hosted by Terry O’Reilly, with almost 30 million downloads, Under the Influence has made a name for itself over the years. Terry O’Reilly has had a long career as a Canadian broadcaster and personality, but before his time hosting podcasts he was a copywriting adman. His expertise in both makes him an excellent podcast host. His comfortable tone and professional attitude create an amazing content marketing podcast because at moments you forget that you are listening to a podcast, instead, it turns into an environment where you feel as though it’s just you and him on a one-on-one call, featuring some wonderful ‘radio theater’ special effects to tell you a story and get you enraptured in the podcast. 

The podcast’s focus is usually stories that are the “stranger than fiction” type, exploring moments in history and examining them through a marketing lens, explaining how crucial (and unexpected) marketing is to everyday life. These topics not only focus on the importance of marketing in everyday life but are simply interesting to learn about. From the trials and tribulations that center around a debut broadway play in a post-COVID world to the remarkable price tag ($3.25 million) of a baseball card featuring the legendary player Honus Wagner, you can quickly tell this is not the average content marketing podcast. Terry O’Reilly can examine anything and find the marketable lessons that are at its center. 

Marketing Companion 

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This podcast features host Mark Schaefer, a major author, college educator, and consultant in the world of content marketing. As one of the world’s “leading futurists and keynote speakers” Mark Schaefer focuses on the intersectionality of technology, marketing, and strategy. His energetic manner of speaking is highly infectious and will motivate you to start creating content today. Another one of his talents is speaking about momentum. For many people—not only in the marketing world—people get excited by the concept of doing something, but don’t have the endurance to see it through. Mark Schaefer’s content marketing podcast is focused on the future and how marketing will shift with the coming tides of time. If you want to know how you should adjust your content creation strategy for a new audience, this is a great choice. 

Among the top 1 percent of podcasts of iTunes, Marketing Companion is down to Earth while up to date with intimate chats about the marketing world at large. As a forward-thinking podcast, Marketing Companion is great at reassuring anxieties about the near future. The uncertainties of money, technology, and marketing content are all discussed in detail. Ad spending last year alone on social media was $41.5 billion in 2020, and these elements are crucial for standing out in a sea of social media ads. Instead of looking at these factors as anxiety-provoking concepts, he recontextualizes them as marketing potential to those with initiative, inspiring the listeners of his content marketing podcast to take the charge in this technological data-driven age. 

Social Minds 

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Social Minds is a podcast about innovation and adaptability in a constantly changing world. Created by the social media agency Social Chain—a leading social media agency—Social Minds brings younger voices to the microphone. The two hosts—Eve Young and Column Maclead—might lack in experience compared to a few others on this list, but their youth more than makes up for it. Being of a younger generation that has grown up alongside the development of technology and the internet, their knowledge of social media is not simply experiential—it’s intuitive. This type of intuition pushes them to cover a broad range of topics, while always being able to boil it down into digestible chunks using marketing jargon that anyone can understand.  

Their content marketing podcast interviews brands, marketers, and breaks down social media trends and how to utilize them into easy to conceptualize concepts, perfect for any listener regardless of their previous experience with content marketing. Their topics range wildly, but always focus on how marketing in and out of a company can be improved on. With over a hundred episodes and each episode having a very specific title that will tell you all you need to know before investing time in an episode (‘How Fashion Seizes the Cultural Zeitgiest’, ‘How Business Should Actually Fight Inequality’, or ‘How to Get Adweek’s Attention’) it’s a great content marketing podcast for those who have a niche curiosity they are trying to learn more about. 

This Old Marketing  

screenshot this old marketing

This list of podcasts is top-notch not simply because they give you great information in a portable format, but they are human. They aren’t trying to be humorless #grind #nosleep podcasts, which not only come off as phony but come off as insincere, alienating to you as the listener. This Old Marketing has none of that. Hosted by Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose—best-selling authors and marketing consultants who are at the top of the game—this is a perfect podcast to play when you are doing chores or any menial task. Their podcast has a relaxed feel that makes you feel as though you are in the room with them, which is the perfect way to listen to podcasts. More than 90% of people listen to podcasts in the comfort of their home.  

Like many other great podcasts that go beyond content marketing (for any radio fans out there, NPR’s Car Talk comes to mind) they dish out witty banter as much as they dish out great marketing knowledge. This is the reason why they have over 300 episodes out—it feels as though you are in the room with them, having a conversation where you are treated like an equal. In the world of marketing, where entrepreneur egos can run high, it is a breath of fresh air. A podcast that is great for any type of day when you just want to relax and enjoy a conversation, and maybe learn a thing or two about content marketing from a podcast at the same time.

Why Podcasts?

In this age of fast-moving data and technology that is constantly changing, you need to keep ahead of the pack if you want to make an impact. This goes for any field, but especially for marketing of any sort. Working in the marketing field prioritizes innovation, it’s what makes or breaks business and careers. Podcasts are here to work for you because you can listen to them whenever you have free time. Make sure you are always innovating, and all always learning your profession with these podcasts. 

It was estimated that in the US alone podcasts in 2021 had over 110 million listeners. It might be the right time to join them and tune in. These content marketing podcasts are the perfect overlap of entertainment and talent. In other words, they give you the toolbox you need to succeed in the marketing world.