How to Attribute Revenue from SEO?

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Did you know that you can grow your company‚Äôs revenue with your SEO efforts? The procedure of attributing money from customers to a specific marketing effort is known as revenue attribution. Understanding revenue attribution allows you to more confidently show your ROI, optimize campaigns, and manage resources. 

Revenue attribution is a method that enables your company to discover critical marketing strategies throughout the customer experience. The attribution model is the rules for sales and conversions that show how marketing strategies affect touchpoints in conversion paths.

Why Is Revenue Attribution Important?

If your company has limited resources to spend on SEO, you should prioritize conversion-generating channels first, instead of wasting your marketing budget on inefficient channels. This strategy results in the biggest return of marketing investment and the highest SEO revenue for your business. The importance of an attribution strategy for SEO is that it directs your search engine marketing efforts in the right direction. An attribution plan has many advantages for your company. With an attribution plan, you can create more consistent SEO campaign goals, plan your marketing expenditure for the greatest impact, and target critical marketing KPIs.

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What Is An Attribution Model?

Attribution modeling assigns a value to touchpoints (or traffic sources) that generate conversions based on a predetermined rule or set of rules. Google Analytics revenue attribution models assign 100 percent of the conversion to a single touchpoint (single-touch models) or take every interaction on the conversion path into account when assigning values (multi-touch models). 

Single-Touch Attribution Models 

  • First Interaction: The first touchpoint is assigned 100 percent of the credit for the conversion.
  • Last Interaction: The last interaction is given 100 percent of the credit for the conversion.
  • Last Non-Direct Click: Ignoring direct traffic, 100 percent of the credit is given to the last touchpoint before the conversion.

Multi-Touch Attribution Models 

  • Linear Model: Attributes the same share to all touchpoints on the conversion path.
  • Data-Driven Model: An algorithmic model which assigns values based on the importance of the touchpoints within the conversion path.
  • Time-Decay Model: Interactions that occur closer to the conversion or in a shorter time before the conversion are given a higher value.
  • Position-Based Model: The first and last interaction are each assigned 40 percent, the remaining 20 percent are divided between the remaining touchpoints.

In addition to the set single-touch and multi-touch attribution models, you have the option to build a custom attribution model by creating your own set of rules to evaluate conversion path data. 

Tips For Increasing SEO Revenue

SEO is a long-term marketing approach that delivers significant advantages. Your company can achieve considerable growth through on-page SEO, technical website improvements, backlinking, and other methods. This increase is not just in terms of website ranks and traffic, but also in terms of the total profitability of your business. You need to know which keywords are bringing visitors to your website in order to optimize your SEO revenue. Here are a few key areas to keep in mind when optimizing to increase your revenue: 

1. Focus on Content

Create content that is geared towards your audience by putting the reader first. Share-worthy content can also help you rank higher on Google.

2. Create a SEO-Friendly URL

Readers and search engines need to know what to expect from the content within the URL.

3. Be Consistent

Consistently posting content can optimize your freshness score, help your page rank, and be shared with others on social media.

4. Get Backlinks

Linking to relevant and authoritative sites that are within your niche will connect you to high-quality sources. With backlinks quality is better than quantity, so be sure to keep this in mind when connecting with other sites. 

5. Choose Proper Images

Images are an important factor within SEO and should have keywords within the alt description when applicable.  

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How to Measure Your SEO Revenue?

There are an infinite number of metrics that you can track for revenue attribution. However, trying to monitor all of them would take a huge amount of time and effort with a risk of resulting in a low ROI. Alternatively, focus on how particular KPIs may lead to revenue-driving insights and growth by showing how SEO contributes to your business plans. For example, you can consider:

Determine the Value of Non-Branded Conversions

Export 12 months of Google Analytics from organic search data and compile your list into a spreadsheet. Separate branded and non-branded keywords, then aggregate the conversions. Analyze your results and determine how well your SEO efforts have been. 

Analyze Landing Page Revenue

Open Google Analytics and go to Landing Pages (Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages) to see your revenue per page. Consider asking yourself, “What makes this page or product outperform the other landing pages?” Then you can get a sense of how your pages are influencing your conversion rate and customer experience.

Structure Plan for SEO

Although revenue attribution does not give you the exact results, it helps you make a better decision by estimating SEO revenue. This approach helps you simplify SEO, and then explain things more easily.

Revenue attribution is a method for better understanding the complexities of multi-channel conversion funnels and developing estimates about the value of specific channels. In order to achieve the highest SEO revenues and achieve your business goals, you need to make adjustments in your campaigns based on revenue attribution testings. 

You can better demonstrate the efficacy of marketing efforts to company management by showing the direct impact of SEO on both expenses and revenue. Setting goals, gathering data-driven insights, and creating these reports takes time, but the opportunity to demonstrate the value of your efforts to SEO revenue is well worth the effort.

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