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Listing Description
Lform Design is a digital marketing agency that specializes in helping manufacturers connect their products to prospects. L Form has the tools necessary to become a trusted partner in a manufacturer’s strategic plan for growth.

Lform’s clients include a variety of businesses in the manufacturing sector, from lean start-ups to multi-million-dollar global producers. What attracts clients to Lform is their deep knowledge and understanding of the unique constraints manufacturers experience and how to overcome them to create business success.

The Story

Founded by Ian Loew in 2005, Lform Design combines business development with a comprehensive understanding of the technologies that can best benefit manufacturers. From ecommerce and lead generation to SEO and content marketing, Lform Design knows how to make manufacturers attract attention and shine.

Is Lform Design One of the Best SEO Companies?

Lform Design offers the best of sound, robust technology with aesthetically pleasing graphic designs and visual appeal. All of this helps to create effective, secure, websites. Whether you’re a manufacturer in the B2B world, B2C realm, or somewhere in-between, Lform can help you with their web design and digital marketing services. Not sure what your business needs? Consulting services are also available.

How to Get Started

If Lform Design is the SEO service company that you want to work with, visit the About page to learn more. Contact their office in New Jersey with any questions or to book a needs assessment meeting.

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